The independent filmmaker ian pagdham has in fact published on youtube a video that already from the title, with a nice game of words, says everything ” Mow-rio kart “. You read as a mario kart, but mow means mowing, and in fact the car protagonist of the film is a lawnmower. To bring mario kart in the living room has brought us recently nintendo, with the interesting idea that stands at the base of mario kart live: home circuit, which is together a video game but above all a toy.

The other protagonist flies and has a camera, in lakitu style, and is a skydrius drone. The real magic, the one that creates the effect of a real kart mario circuit, made it the good pagdram in post-production with so much computer graphics:the video was already stable enough, so I was able to import it into after effects and 4f cinema and trace and create a topographic map of the property. At that point it was only a matter of having the right ideas, creating assets, characters, and putting everything together.

And finally pagdram, being able to write the script, chose to avoid the twist of a gocio barbed right on the finish line, and to win in looseness the imaginary race.