Iphone 13 will have a slightly greater thickness and a larger and protruding rear camera module than the models of the iphone 12 line – the lenses of the rear cameras however will protrude less than the module itself. Is what is supported in the macrumors report that bases its statements on information drawn from some schemes that represent future iphones. The increase in thickness of the shell will be negligible in practical terms: according to the indiscretions the thickness will be pairs to 7,57mm in the iphone 13 and 13 pro, in front of the 7,4mm of the models iphone 12 – 0.17mm more, i.e.

Imperceptible factThe larger the size (height, width and depth) of the rear camera module, always square, but with a protrusion compared to the shell that will be more accentuated in the iphone 13 pro. To have a reference parameter will pass from a thickness of 1.5-1,7mm of the current iphone12 and 12 pro to the 2.51mm of the iphone 13 module, up to 3,65 mm of the iphone 13 pro.