fiber coverage (FTTH/B) in italy, between September 2019 and September 2020, has recorded a record increase: it is said to be 2.8 million more housing units than the previous period. To be noted that fiber-to-the-home technology (fiber at home) provides that fiber arrives directly in the apartment, while with fiber-to-the-building (fiber at the building) it is sufficient to reach the condo. When you do a parallel with the overall coverage of real estate units, always in FTTH/B, Italy dismisses an backwardness that comes from afar.

However, the figure begins to be encouraging because idate estimates a 41%, slightly less than the continental average. Perhaps the second will do better, but the theme is hot also in countries like germany and united kingdom. Moreover compared to 2019, although the Italian real estate units wired were 2.8 million, the percentage was still 13.5%.

Finally idate found that 80% of the growth of coverage in Italy is due to open fiber projects. In fact, today it claims to have connected approximately 11.5 million real estate units, of which 7 million in competitive areas (a and b) and 4.4 million in areas with market failure (c and d.) altogether you can subscribe in about 185 large cities and over 2.060 municipalities of white areas.