In fact, in 2020, a lot of potentially fraudulent transactions have been blocked for a total of US$1.5 billion. apple keeps us reiterate that the App store is a safe place that people can trust to discover and download new applications. The same security measures to prevent fraud have been present since the App store was launched.

244 million user accounts were deactivated in total in 2020, 424 million attempts to create an account after the ban received by previous users and over 470.000 app store developers accounts were closed. App store reviewsSince 2020, Apple has started processing over 1 billion votes (stelline) in the app store and over 100 million reviews, removing a total of 250 million after moderation. Fraud and privacyin 12 months Apple has blocked nearly 110,000 illegitimate or pirated applications that could potentially steal information from users and represent a risk to privacy.

For all these reasons the App store is important and there can be no alternative store on iphone. For this reason, Apple retains revenue commissions and probably for this reason epic games will lose to the process against apple.