iphone battery has always been the subject of discussions. Never lasts long enough and there are many Android smartphones, even low-end, that can make it last much longer. Several times we have shown the results that get the new iPhones in the photo section but recently this portal has expanded, also carrying out very accurate tests on the battery that allowed the iphone 12 pro max to get a score of 78.

These Apple devices rank fourth among smartphones with the best battery and even first among premium smartphones! Seems incredible but it is true and the merit is mainly due to the perfect integration between hardware and software. How long it takes to charge up to 80%) and efficiency (how the device handles the battery during use).

For the iPhone 12 pro max it has emerged that the smartphone has a battery autonomy of 2 days and 1 hour, which recharges up to 80% in a relatively good time (57 minutes) but above all that it has excellent energy efficiency during use. The iPhone 12 pro max scores 67 independently, 74 as a charging speed but 94 as an efficiency.