colonial pipeline was put on your knees by a ransomware attack at the end of last week, the negative effects continue and the story may have a fall on oil prices by decreasing its rise. hackers have targeted what is the most important US pipeline network: 8,850 kilometers along which travels almost half of the east coast fuel supplies. Block of the pipeline network from FRIDAYon May 7, Colonial pipeline company learned to have been victim to a cyber attack.

We have established that this incident concerns a ransomware. We put offline proactively some systems to contain the threat, this temporarily interrupted all pipeline operations. Our main lines (lines 1, 2, 3 and 4) remain offline, some smaller side lines located between the terminal and delivery points are operational.

Double extortion of cybercriminalsThe investigations on the story are still ongoing but, according to the first reconstructions, the activity of hackers would start a day before the Friday attack. The malicious attacks – which would be part of the cybercriminal group that is called darkside – managed to subtract 100gb of data in 2 hours from the computer network of colonial pipeline . At the time of colonial pipeline does not provide time forecasts on the date of reactivation of the main lines.

The ability of ransomware attacks to block significant productive activities has recently been demonstrated by events that have also affected Italy, although the colonial pipeline case is far from reach and severity.