Although apple claims that its products and services are free of advertising, there are some advertising spaces within the App Store and the application settings on all platforms. In app store some banners, such as the one launched recently, promote applications, while in settings you promote the Apple care+ rather than icloud. As reported by business insider, martinez was hired in April and according to his public resume he had worked in facebook as a product manager of the advertising platform that today generates billions of dollars.

According to the report, martinez will take care of both the advertising in app store and within the apple news. Apple had already shown interest in the advertising sector proposing its own platform called iad in 2010. the budget required to start an advertising campaign on this platform was really exaggerated and very few companies had joined. In the 16,9 billion dollars generated by the Apple services in the second fiscal trimester of this year, there are also revenues of advertising.

Recently, the company has encouraged developers to promote their applications in the new advertising space in the tab dedicated to the app store research. Unlike other applications, when we start the App store we will not display any banner that allows us to choose whether or not to display banners based on our interests. If you want to “remediate”, you can prevent tracking by entering > privacy settings > advertising apple and disabling the switch in the correspondence of custom ads.