Ultra is the password for samsung and xiaomi, the word that describes smartphones of a very high standard, where the two houses have inserted all the best possible to represent their technological know-how. Xiaomi can get there, up to 11 ultra, samsung arrives up to s21 ultra . We are therefore in the company of two exceptional products, very expensive but incredibly technologically advanced.

Will xiaomi succeed in the company to unpack the current reference for Android smartphones? Indexultra ultra ultra ultra ultra ultraultra means first of all prices from capogiro , samsung launched s21 ultra to 1279 euros (12-128GB), to climb to 1329 euros and 1459 euros for the 12/256GB and 16/512GB; xiaomi instead places me 11 ultra to 1399 euros in the cutting of memory 12/256GB. The real ground of confrontation, however, is on the photographic section, advanced and abundant on both, with my 11 ultra that with the super sensor almost an inch, challenge the armamentary of 4 ultra s21 lenses.

It’s a matter of details and marketing, because if we go to pick up the two products of lower end of xiaomi and samsung, i.e. 11 and galaxy s21 plus, you will find price differences that do not reflect the real gap that is with their respective flagships. S21 ultra is perhaps more refined in some stylistic choices, such as the metal frame that incorporates the optical group, the frontal symmetrical frames and the hole of the camera placed in the center.

A practical advantage of my 11 ultra is the fact that when leaning on a flat surface with the photo module below it does not trash. Are both certified ip68, mi 11 ultra but has a ceramic back cover, a fine material that however makes the weight rise up to 234 grams, s21 ultra instead is in gorilla glass victus also on the back.