I tried it for a week, curious to discover the new features that differentiate it from the previous model, ocito in Italy in 2019 (here’s our review). Between sleep monitoring, rapid gestures and higher audio quality, the new google smart speaker gave me a good deal to do. Summarydesigntwo colors that land on the Italian market, light grey and anthracite grey .

The attention of google to sustainable issues, with a casing made up of 54% recycled plastic (in fabric, housing, base and other small components). Front, nest hub hosts two wide-range microphones (in the new version a third was added, hidden in the base) and a frontal sensor that regulates lighting and adapts the screen temperature to the surrounding environment, as well as detecting movements. Personally, I found very pleasant the slight glow that emanates the screen when it is immersed in the dark.

At first impact, always remaining in the boundary of aesthetics, the new generation of the google home speaker does not disappoint, also because it is to all effects the monozygote twin of the previous version. We start from design without leaving a necessary premise: from an aesthetic point of view, google nest hub is since its debut one of the smart speakers currently present on the market that I appreciate more, perhaps my absolute favorite (I repeat, aesthetically speaking). Minimal and elegant, sober and compact, the device has the right encumbrance and fits every room and type of furniture.

Audio audioin describing the audio performance of the new home entry, which is equipped with 43,5 mm driver and three microphones, mountain view was clear: the new nest hub spreads 50% more bass than the first arrived . The sound produced by the new speaker is still fuller and the voice of the google assistant sounds more pleasant. Overall, the audio aligns with the functionality of the device and meets, without (justly) overturn.

A tip: combined in stereo mode with other nest speakers, it is effective and makes even better. Thanks to it, you can interact with the device through the “fast gestures,” or the hand movements that do not require direct contact with the display. Sleep sensingthe same sensor alone is at the base of the true, great novelty introduced by the new device: sleep sensing.

I admit, it wasn’t a smart idea: The next morning I found with great regret that the data relating to my sleep had not been recorded. Overall, when it works, sleep sensing works pretty well. The information collected, which can be consulted either directly from the nest hub display, or through the google fit app for ios and android, are rigorous and precise, useful to detect the quality of rest and to correct the shooting, rebalancing your night routine.

With sleep monitoring, nest hub does not replace a medical diagnosis, nor detects sleep disorders, but remains in any case a convenient function dedicated to the well-being of users. A real sin, since it is perhaps the only, significant characteristic sign that differentiates the second generation of nest hubs from the first.