Most likely only those who have passed the doors will remember the actress pamela anderson, one of the lifeguard protagonists of the tv baywatch series, who from 1992 onwards made all the boys dream because of its prosperous curves and for the intricate private vicissitudes. There was a period of history that the younger ones cannot remember, during which the internet for how we mean it did not exist. The world wide web would have taken off in the following years, in time to make viral the famous “sex tape” object of today’s news.

But this is not the point, to make a stir was a video with rather hot content shot during the honeymoon. The video was stolen and became public domain, but in the meantime the internet had taken off (it was 1998) and the content ended inexorably online. Anderson and lee sued the distributor, internet entertainment group, but eventually reached an agreement under which the tape remained public.

These are the facts summarised, but what we most care about is that at a distance of over 20 years this story is preparing to become a TV series of comic strip, and it will not even be any production!