In the last quarter (January, February and March 2021) the downloads of the twitch app for mobile devices have cut the milestone of 22 million, that is an increase of 62% regarding the 13,6 million installations of the first quarter 2020. to have a reference parameter, the twitch app closed 2020 with 80.6 million installations. The download number is not the only value to grow: in March 2021 monthly active users increased with a +69% compared to the same period last year. United States, brazil and mexicon are the countries where the largest number of downloads are concentrated.

It should be said that in these months twitch has progressively expanded the pelvis of users in the same step with the variety of content transmitted on the platform. It is difficult to consider it as a simple platform dedicated only to streaming video games, since monologues and dialogues with users on the most diverse themes have become content on the agenda.