“the king is naked” is the sincere voice that stands on the crowd in the fairy tale “the new clothes of the emperor” of hans christian andersen. The same that yesterday brought down the tim title in business square (- 5.5%) following the “tram of a single net traction tim,” as the republic wrote. Here, that plural reference nets is enough to make the whole story of this last year and a half tremble.

Bruxelles has not yet been officially expressed on the subject, since the procedure for the evaluation of the project “unique network” has not yet been formally initiated. However, a few statements by the Commissioner for Competition Margrethe vestager were there and hardly anyone could have interpreted it as favourable. Or rather, we say that it is as if the supporters of the unique network project (designed by tim) wanted to convince a vegan that fish is not meat.

Food debate of a very high profile and perhaps also magnetic in relation to our goats, but completely paradoxical. The total investment for the high-speed networks is 6,71 billion euros, but the goal of bringing 1 gbps to all by 2030 is likely to be washed if there is no compromise solution.