entertainment space is the name of the latest google initiative to improve the Android tablet industry, at a time when you start to see the end of the momentum due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Basically, as you can easily guess the name, it is a hub that encloses and organizes music, games, books, movies, TV series and videos. To activate the best entertainment center, you just have to access your favorite multimedia apps (e.g.

Netflix or youtube) to start suggestions algorithms. Because it is very similar to the description of the launcher of the new google tv, the evolution of android tv that is located on the last generation chromecast. The two software also communicate with each other – the tips of google tv appear on entertainment space.

When and how it comesgoogle explains that entertainment center will initially be available only on tablets produced by the American supermarket chain walmart, which are called onn;. Later in the course of the year it will also arrive on the new tablets of “lenovo, Sharp and others”. There are hopes for devices already on the market, but google has specified that it will not be available for everyone.