Now the new rtx 3050 has also shown you in the gpu-Z validation database: an anonymous user has performed a video card test so that we can get important confirmations on the specifications that will characterize them. The identikit of the nvidia geforce rtx 3050 ti, an economic model that should be added to the wider rtx 30 mobile family announced in January, began to outline in early April with the first apparitions on geekbench, and enriched at the end of the month with a confirmation escaping to lenovo . Rtx 3050 ti (but also rtx 3050) will be based on gpu ampere ga107: if the passage on GPU-Z proves to be reliable, therefore, it should present 2560 cuda core at a base frequency of 1222 mhz, while it would wait at 1485 mhz on the core in boost mode and at 1500 mhz instead on the memories.

At the moment of truth, that is, what we will get the official technical sheet, should not be much lacking: there is nothing confirmed, but there is a concrete possibility that nvidia geforce rtx 3050 can make you its debut on the market along with the intel processors tiger Lake-H already in this first half of May.