Is not the first time that fuchsia appears on the bluetooth website: its software stack, code name sapphire, had been certified a little more than a year ago. Version 1.0 may not be quite correct: maybe it refers to the initial release m1 or milestone 1, maybe it’s a simple placeholder. In more recent times, however, google chose to focus on performance and safety, leaving out higher level elements like the graphical interface.

Google also started accepting contributions to the code from external sources, while until some time ago only his employees worked there. For the moment, installing and testing fuchsia on their nest hubs seems an impossible enterprise, because of the “anti-modding” security measures implemented in the devices. However, it is possible that google is preparing a limited amount of “dev kits” based on the old nest hubs, to allow external developers to familiarize themselves with the operating system and start writing applications.