philips tv & sound (which presented in January the oled range and mini led 2021) has created an online research on trends and behavior of consumers in relation to the oo of TV. The survey, created in collaboration with panelwizard, involved a sample with an age of 18 to 75 years in the low countries, germany, france, spagna, italia and polonia. Follows the spain with 2.2 tv for family, the honda with 1.9, germany and lung with 1.8.

48.3% of italians interviewed mainly follows traditional television broadcasts. Streaming has a lower but very relevant share: 29.9% of the sample or services such as netflix and amazon prime video. Between 18 and 29 years, the percentage is still growing and is added to other scenarios of oo, such as music (5.7%) and video games (4.1%).

Research also highlights a gender difference: Women spend more time on streaming content and listening to music while men watch mainly online videos, play video games or watch dvd.