A friend of ours, free angel, Italian designer in grass, has created a concept of ios 15 with different characteristics really very particular. At functional level ios 14 did not introduce many changes, the main novelties were widgets and greater customizations to the home screen as well as the classification of apps through the library. For ios 15 you expect something more, there are still functions that users require for many years that have not yet been implemented.

Among these we find an evolution of facetimes that can also share our screen with participants, very useful for remote assistance. Do you know all the times you click on “copy”? Interactive widgets: for the moment widgets do nothing but display information but as soon as we click them, we launch the associated application and we cannot interact directly with the content.

Split screen to use two applications simultaneously on the screen. This would also allow the drag and drop (trascimento) of images and other files from the gallery to the email app and so on.