If the atmosphere, the lights, the gifts, the decorations and the sweets are not enough, to make this holiday even more magical because not ask siri to illuminate the Christmas tree that invades the living room of the house? Siri, the voice assistant of ios, helps us to send messages, move appointments and search the internet. But with the arrival of the holidays, why not use it also to ask you to light the lights of the Christmas tree?

It would be really magical to light the whole room with a simple voice command. Had thanks to the ifttt service and a wemo socket of belkin all this is possible. The application allows to control the socket remotely, activating electricity for example to a light that is connected to it.

Once you create an account on ifttt, you can activate the SMS service that provides a special number on which to send messages. Done this we will have to activate the channel corresponding to the electrical socket wemo. The last step is to save the special number provided by ifttt in a new contact of the iPhone, associating it for example to christmas babble.

In this way we will simply call siri and say “Send a sms to christmas babbo telling him to turn on the lights” to make the magic of Christmas happen under the amazed eyes of your loved ones.