Ipad mini by year endyou start immediately with the iPad mini. The device was already given for certain during the last loaded spring event yet it was not presented by apple. The iPad mini still has the home button so it will be redesigned and will be equipped with an 8.4 inch display according to kuo.

Thanks to the reduced edges, it should look like a smaller version of the current ipad air. Folding iphone by end 2023the second analysis of kuo concerns the iphones, in particular a folding iphone which should arrive in 2023. it is expected to sell 15-20 million units in 2023 so it is possible that the folding iPhone will be launched along with the iPhone 15, a bit as it was in the past with the iPhone 8 launched along with the next generation, represented by the iPhone x. It is expected that it will have a screen between 7.5 and 8 inches when it will be “open”.

In our opinion it is still too early for a folding iphone and that this change, if no other better or more revolutionary technologies are introduced, will take place in more than 5 years. Would you buy a folding iphone?