It seemed all made between nasa and spacex for the lunar lander called to bring the man back to our natural satellite in 2024. the complaints of jeff bezos and its blue origin hit in the sign, forcing the U.S. space agency to block the $2.9 billion loan defined by the contract. So reopens the game billionaire, which sees among other things direct interesting also a third society, dynetics, which in fact now returns to the race. Are two main accusations made by blue origin: first of all to spacex the possibility to review the project in the light of a cut of the budget, opportunity not given instead to the society of jeff bezos.

Then, perhaps even more serious, it is believed the same spacex monopolist of space exploration, having raised barriers that prevent competition from moving on the market competitively from both economic and technological point of view. That blue origin never went into orbit. Will it be enough to (re)convince the nasa to point on spacex for the project artemis?