Name: ifttt free category: productivityifttt, acronym of if this, then that, is the famous application of the well-known web service allows us to create rules to ensure that our device performs automatic actions. Today the app updates by introducing new actions for images and reminders on ios. Ifttt is a famous web service that has been existing for a long time, allowing us to set rules so that online services and applications can interact with each other without the need to perform several steps manually each time.

Although the operating system imposes some limitations, the application is in any case really useful. For example, we can set rules that allow you to save photos taken by iphone directly on dropbox, save on google documents our reminders, send us an email to remind us to buy objects and much more. Ifttt is available in app store, and requires the iOS 6.0 or later.

This app is optimized for iphone 5.