This time is the turn of the AirTag whose ifixit praises its particularly compact design, although compared to other existing trackers. In addition to the AirTag, ifixit has provided images to x-rays of the tile and galaxy smarttag but nobody equals the apple product for size and compactness. The internal space is used optimally in the AirTag without leaving spaces.

The tile uses a smaller battery to keep the size smaller. Airtag offers a rotating system to replace the battery while other trackers offer a special key to separate the various parts. To integrate a speaker into the tracker, Apple had to think of a new design system, other than others.

In a second part of airtag teardown, ifixit will be able to unveil other secrets, as it has already made a Japanese video, establishing that it is possible to drill an airtag to pass a lace inside it without having to buy additional accessories.