The premise is that it is not a matter of great quality material, but nevertheless allows to confirm some important technical characteristics of galaxy z fold 3 and the next galaxy z flip. Confirmed also the s pen, the well-known accessory that made the fortune of the known galaxy range and that now prepares to debut on the next fold of samsung. According to galaxy z fold 3 indiscretions will support a new hybrd s pen – not housed in the shell – with a tip specially made not to damage the folding display; the screen will still be made more durable thanks to the galaxy z fold 2. the exterior will be protected by gorilla glass victus.

The image finally suggests the availability of the folding in (at least) three colors. Galaxy z flip 2 (or 3?) The theme of colors comes back in the first image of the galaxy z flip 2 – but it could also call itself 3, there is still uncertainty about the commercial name.)

The samsung shell folding is shown in four colors – according to previous indiscretions could be even more numerous. .the dark part is just an element that encloses the external display and the double camera. The second image confirms the possibility to display a complete text message.

The last image provides an important detail on the construction, confirming that the new z flip will use the gorilla glass victus to protect the outer shell.