Fordzilla hd gp, the talent competition organized by ford and hdnetwork is about to enter in alive and we are pleased to announce that the inscriptions are finally open. Once installed the qlash application – available on android and ios – you will just consult the tournament tab, search “fordzilla hd gp” and confirm your registration. You will then just install discord (here the official site) and join the server linked just below.

Will be here that all the details will be announced regarding the tournament stages and the winners of each qualifying session. Remember that all the tournament will be held on the pc version (steam) of race order and that the game copy is not provided by the organization, so it must already be in your possession. Below you will find the link to the channel to be able to register already from now on.

Plays 5the tournament fordzilla hd gp puts in place for the winner a trophy and a console sony playstation 5 granted in free oooo suit for 24 months. The prize will be awarded to the winner of the final of 5 June which will then pass the qualifying and won the tournament. To remember that the tournament will take place under the watchful gaze of fordzilla scouts, who are constantly hunting for new talents in the world of racing sim.

Victory does not involve the automatic entry into the team (a reason why it is not a prize), however it is a great opportunity to be noticed and show off your pilot skills.