To confirm the excellent state of health of the chromebook market is the last report of digitimes, but it is substantially more conservative than the data announced by idc a few days ago. Taiwanese analysts estimate that chromebooks sent in q1 2021 are just over 10 million units, about 30% less compared to what is reported by idc. According to the study of digitimes, although a sequential bending of 9% has been recorded (compared to q4 2020), chromebook shipments on an annual basis have increased by 280%; This is an excellent result, especially if we think that in 2020 the chromebooks sold worldwide were over 30 million.

Among the producers who have made score the best results there are hp, samsung and asus, companies that – always according to digitimes – can celebrate also regarding the numbers of the notebook market with global shipments that have reached 57,5 million units. Video video video