Apple is in fact the main customer of rockley photonics, a British startup that is at work to develop biometric sensors similar to those integrated in the current apple watch, but even richer in functions. The information is obtained from the report sec of the startup that prepares to quote in the bag. Apple watch has never hidden the ambition of posing as a wearable that can also be used to make measurements of vital parameters, with results that can be useful also for medical purposes – without of course wanting to replace devices born exclusively for this purpose.

Expanding the type of biometric data that apple watch is able to detect therefore seems to be one of its most promising evolutionary paths: in the future could also be able to detect blood pressure and glucose level. More in rockley photonics detail is developing two sensors with more or less advanced features. The basic model would be able to detect: heart rate, oxygen saturation (spo2), blood pressure, hydration and body temperature.

The most advanced model would also be able to measure the levels of glucose, carbon monoxide, lactic acid and alcohol. Especially the possibility of measuring blood glucose with a non-invasive solution would be a good step forward – provided of course having adequately reliable sensors.