Apple airtags, useless to deny it, liked it. And, to say all, teardown we have already spoken recently thanks to the first experiences coming from the east. This time, however, it is ifixit to propose images and tale, and probably it is worth whispering.

Is smallwe start from the size: airtags are much smaller than tile mate (solution already on the market for a long time) and galaxy smarttags . It is immediately known how to contribute to this difference both (also) the absence on the apple device of the hole for the cord. Openingthe opening of airtags is not at all a problem – although ifixit says it is a little slippery.

Moreover, it is necessary to guarantee a convenient access to the button pile (cr2032 from 3 volts, the same as the smarttags.) However, it is not to be excluded that in the future apple can adopt different solutions. Compared to competition, however, apple opted for a different solution, which does not include the presence of piezoelectric speakers.

The reason – they say – is linked to the final quality of the emitted sound, which with the magnet turns out to be superior. And how do we attach it to the suitcase, this little apple tracker? The options are two: either you buy one of the official accessories (or third parties,) or you do.

Ifixit has opted for the second, we invite you not to do so to avoid that you create operating problems (difficult that an apple store accepts a return if we introduce ourselves with the airtags.)