I would like to ask the Commissioner whether he is a member of the Committee on Budgetary Control, but I would like to say that he is a member of the Committee on Budgets. It costs very little in relation to some characteristics that puts in the field, first of all the processor, Qualcomm snapdragon 860 , 7 nm and power to sell. By making a motor comparison, with the beneplacite of our engine editing, it would be like having a profit from 10-15 thousand euros, with the electric motor of a tesla.

Because less than 200 euros it is really very difficult to find better . With the time I learned to appreciate some qualities of this product and, as often happens, with the mid-range smartphones the qualities emerge on the long term even in spite of a first not really exciting impact. Technical specificationsthe key pointsof course the performance is his battle horse, it is very fast, always responsive, does not warm, does not fear the most challenging games for long sessions.

The second valid aspect is the substance, i.e. Some added value features that should be taken into account when buying a new smartphone. Then comes autonomy, two days if you are a bit careful about consumption and/or you do not use too much smartphone for games.

It is certainly a big and heavy phone but will be able to repay you with the tranquility that can give on the front autonomy. We are on the 6 and a half hours of display active up down, until ever, merit of the 5160 mah battery. Charging is fast, power supply in 33 watt packaging, good.