Smart working has been and remains one of the most stringent themes of current affairs also because it is still not easy for the various realities to weigh its advantages and actual disadvantages. A tech giant as google, however, has been able to adapt quickly to a model that requires high-level technological skills and infrastructure, and thus has taken an important benefit. As reported by bloomberg, in fact, work remotely this year could result in a google savings of more than 1 billion dollars .

Only the reduction of costs related to travel expenses, travel and the organization of promotional events in this first quarter of 2021 amounts to well 268 million dollars: If we project these numbers in perspective, on an annual basis we get a saving of over 1 billion dollars. In 2020 the cut on travel had saved a total of 371 million, while the cancellation and reprogramming of advertising and promotional efforts marked a decrease of 1.4 billion dollars regarding the previous year.