The Radeon rx 6000 cards as well as the ryzen 5000 processors announced in October, were among the products that most have suffered from the current stalemate situation of the production chain , this since the launch. By curbing the data to the partners, the ceo amd, lisa on, has assured that the company will try to increase the offer in an important way, all of course going to increase the production. Monitoring the retail market in recent months, we have found that in reality some geforce rtx 30 has actually been available, while for the rx 6000 radeons (especially for the top of the range) the offer could be defined practically nothing.

Returning to the amd declarations, the caeo confirmed that the demand for rx 6000 radeon was indeed very high, not by chance the data of the computing division and graphics for q1 were very positive (the manufacturer however did not provide precise figures for gpu.)