telegram free getgroup video calls are coming on telegram. Unlike what it offers through facetime, tool only available between Apple devices, telegram group video calls will be multi-platform, will work on all devices, tablets and computers, including the web version of the program. Video call is probably the only function on which whatsapp was able to arrive before telegram, but facebook application is not available on tablets and has so many limitations on the computer.

To announce the arrival of group video calls was just pavel duv, the founder of telegram, within its channel. Group video calls will also be integrated into telegram groups, so you can also create real live broadcasts with people unknown to listening (and viewing) as well as the simplest possibility to create a private group with friends or family with whom to start a video call restricted to members only. The interest in video calls was born only because of the pandemic.

Video calls today are as important as text messages, but we need to offer the proper level of security before launching group video calls and that is precisely why it was a year to pass “from theory to practice”.