Let’s go back to the topic monitor gaming to talk about the msi optix mag274r, a 27-inch display aimed above all to lovers of competitive titles (but not only) looking for a solution with good performance but, at the same time, offering a certain image quality and advanced ergonomic capabilities. In this sense, the optix mag274r msi does not differ much from the older brother msi optix MAG274QRF-QD (here our review,) differing substantially from the latter for resolution, lack of quantum dot technology and refresh, slightly more content. Optix mag274r in fact offers a fhd resolution, a feature that given the size could twist the nose to someone, but that, at the same time, can be ideal for those who want to play 1080p on a larger screen than the classics 24″, perhaps proportional to their own game station.

For this reason, the cost compared to other similar models on the market is slightly higher, definitely balanced by a valid software support and a very good factory calibration. As anticipated above, msi optix mag274r mounts an ips panel (not rapid ips attention:) the mprt response time stated by the manufacturer is 1ms, value rising to about 4ms when we talk about gtg response. If we also consider that there are not many graphics cards – and in general configurations – that can manage in qhd and fhd the latest games over 100 fps, we understand why fhd is still the most popular format, helping in this sense the spread of products like the optix mag274r.

Msi optix mag274r takes back the lines and peculiarities we had appreciated on the qhd version (MAG274QRF-QD), offering very thin frames on the three sides and a shell built with different types of plastic, embellished with shiny inserts and rgb led strip on the back. Lighting can be customized via software with msi osd app 2.0, program that to operate requires the connection of the monitor to the pc through the supplied ob Type-B cable. Leaving aside performance and design, a point in favor of the msi monitor is definitely the ergonomic stand adjustable both in height (10cm) and in inclination and rotation; This display also supports pivot mode, which is definitely useful when we switch to other areas of use other than gaming.

Oo experience and impressionsanalyze the basic features and strong points of the optix mag274r, we now pass to what was our experience of using this monitor. We start with gaming, which obviously enhances the refresh-rate to 144hz, but which, on some occasions, also lets you see the limits of the ips panel in terms of response times. We played classics like eternal doom and Counter-Strike: global offensives, titles where fps fly and msi monitor managed not to disappoint us; in these two cases we also enjoyed the night vision mode which, as on other models of the series, allows to improve the vision of the darkest areas of the game scene (acting on the contrast. )

Even better results in driving simulators that, in addition to fludity, have enhanced the color rendering of the ips panel. We are usually not likely to use the default profiles, but those on the msi monitor convinced us to race and cinema. Msi optix mag274r comes with an excellent factory calibration, the backlight of the panel is homogeneous and we have not noticed particular defects, except for a slight backlight-bleeding on the lower left side of the panel (you can also see in the photo above with project cars 2.)

It is certainly not the monitor with the best response time on the market, however we talk about values that the average user cannot perceive, unlike for example a professional gamer, sensitive even to millisecond. The ratio of size (27″) of the panel and resolution (fhd,) does not make this monitor the maximum to work, and although the ips panel lends itself much to this purpose, we basically face a product aimed primarily at gaming. In the launch phase, the cost of msi optix mag274r was 399 euro, a figure definitely above many 144 hz fhd gaming monitors, but balanced by the quality of the ips panel as well as by a well-kept design with excellent ergonomics and advanced software support.

At the time of the drafting of the article, the price of the optix mag274r is to the historical minimum and on amazon italia it is possible to buy it only 279 ,99 euros, without doubt recommended considering the characteristics offered.