One of the most important innovations regarding the existing offer is the omnidirectional fluffy brush, which moves forward, backwards and even laterally slipping easily around obstacles and narrow spaces. Dyson has launched Omni-glide, a new model of a vacuum cleaner without wire in compact format : it is the smallest of the stick range, and the only suitable for floors and not for carpets or carpets. Gabriele tried it for hdblog, here you find his review; to follow the characteristics instead.

“We are pioneers in the vacuum cleaner industry – we have created our cyclonic technology, eliminated the bag and removed the thread with the introduction of our powerful vacuum cleaner without wire. Today we are introducing a completely new way of cleaning the floors with the vacuum cleaner dyson Omni-glide. The new omnidirectional fluffy brush is the true witness of our engineering capabilities.

Is powered by the dyson hyperdymium engine and has two counter-rotating rollers moving at the same speed to allow a dust collection in both directions. Maintained also the five-layer filtration system, despite the compact size, which captures 99.97% of particles of 0.3 micron size. The dyson Omni-glideTM wireless vacuum cleaner is available on and dyson demo store.

Two models available: dyson omniglide, €399; dyson omniglide +, €429.