Important to mention also rest, which alerts when it is time to go to sleep improving the regularity of the wake/sleep cycle of users. A club always MORE crowdedwith the growth of the android ecosystem, the “millionaire club” is becoming increasingly crowded. More than 30 google apps have now been built into the fateful 9-zero wall; of these, 11 are already over 5 billion, and one has even reached 10 billion.

Here are all of them:over 10 billion google play servicesover 5 billion youtube google maps google search gmail google Text-to-Speech google chrome google play music android accessiblety suite google drive google tv google photoover 1 billion currents google play books google hangouts google play games google news cloud print android system webview google street view gboard clock google duo messages google calendar android auto google documents google keep career services google play services for ar google translateamong the non-google apps, which are often preinstalled on practically all smartphones on the market, it is worth citing whatsapp and facebook for having exceeded the threshold of 5 billion downloads, while above the billion we find the office suite of microsoft, netflix, tiktok, instagram, twitter, snapchat and candy crush saga.