Equipping an ipad of the same m1 chip that the company’s most advanced computers are provided, surely puts us in the position to risk the fusion hypothesis. apple has always been contrary to all this and today we have confirmation: the iPad will remain an ipad and the computers will remain computer. These are two products of different categories and apple will never join them.

We will always try to develop the best tablet possible and the best computer possible. We have equipped the ipad pro of the chip m1 only to give it a great power. So that the best possible apps arrive, you need the hardware to manage them, and that’s exactly what we did with the new ipad pro.

In short, the new pro ipads are very powerful, the maximum configuration comes to have exactly the same maximum configuration as an imac m1, although the platforms will remain well separated. Ipads respond to specific needs, so for some people will result in essential devices and for others it will still be preferable to buy a computer.