The spinoff should maintain the same structure but there will be none of the old cast, in fact, the protagonist this time will be interpreted by the actress hilary duff. The good news is that the project has finally been entrusted to hulu for the production, a point of arrival that has requested several years to become reality. It will be a series of bills… don’t move…da!

Already in 2014 the two creators of the series, craig thomas & carter bays, had written the pilot episode for the cbs, but this was not approved. Studio 20th television tried again in the 2017-18 development season with the screenwriter alison bennett, but once again it was not accepted. The two will be creators, writers and executive producers, and for now we know that the first season will consist of at least 10 episodes.

We don’t have any further information at the moment, but it’s a project that’s still on the grass, we’ll have to wait a bit longer.