Contrary to all my expectations, during the packed spring event, apple presented the new generation of imac. After 7 years, finally on April 30th there will be the possibility to buy the redesigned version of this fantastic all-in-one computer that I can no longer do without. Despite being still quite happy for the change, the 24′′′ iMac is definitely not what I was waiting for.

Larger screen – The iMac I would like to preview a bigger screen first. It could stay on 27′′′ or switch to 32′′ as you read in some noise. 2. black frame – the white frame around the screen of the new mac is something that does not make me mad.

Probably is the best choice for the “fresh” spring models, but I would prefer a black frame. “Pro” colors – all the new 24′′′′ imacs are bicolored, that is they have a color in two different shades. 4. greater customization options – memory cuts from 1tb, 2tb or even more (optional,) expandable ram or serial but in larger cuts like 16gb, 32gb or 64gb.

An imac of this kind will probably arrive at the end of the year or the beginning of 2022. will you wait for it or buy the 24′′′ model?