And like all the torments – because of torment it was, once – back, and it does it under a new garment. Is America’s gangsters to announce the arrival of tamagotchi pix, version 2021 now equipped with integrated camera to make selfies with the small pet we decided to care, creating a result of simil-reality virtual. Now you can also cook for our creature, even order food (of these days)., get in touch with other users (real) and share your own path (virtual) on a dedicated social.

And the future of the tamagotchi character will depend on how this will be raised and raised. Reality and virtual reality meet, therefore, in a photo that can immortalize us and our friends with the little animal to feed and grow. Lack wifi and bluetooth, and to share the photos you must necessarily switch from a sort of qr code to frame.

Available in pink, purple, blue and green, tamagotchi pix costs in or at $59.99.