Sapphire presents a new custom model of the rx 6900 xt radeon, the amd top based on gpu ships 21 that is to be among the fastest in its category. Let’s talk about a remarkable gpu clock, superior to the powercolor liquid devil radeon rx 6900 xt ultimate (2.525 mhz) that only yesterday made the world record in overclock overpassing exceeding 3,2 ghz. We are most likely faced with a very similar selected 21 chip ships (ships 21 xtxh), although to the eye we immediately notice that sapphire did not use the triple 8pin pcie connector, opting for a more contained 2x 8pin+1x 6pin.

The sapphire rx 6900 xt extreme edition is cooled by the dissipation system owner toxic aio cooling with 360mm radiator, alongside a backplate (argb) and fan on the top that, thanks to a heatsink, cools the rest of the components.