“the whole process is encrypted end-to-end so that no one, both crowdsourcing devices that detect an airtag or the same apple, can ever have access to its current or past position. Starting from the design, airtag had to be “simple but unique”, being something completely new. Other very important aspect, the privacy of users guaranteed by the or of encrypted networks that do not allow the identification of the third-party apples.

Even if someone finds a lost airtag, they won’t be able to mate it to their iPhone to use it. At the beginning of March, Apple introduced a new security feature in i.e. 14.5 (currently in the final development stage) that will alert users if the iphone detects an unknown tracking device.

In this case, users will receive a notification with the wording “an airtag has been detected moving with you” and will have the possibility to disable it. During the interview, questions were also asked about the possibility of tracking children or pets with an airtag. Drance said that the purpose of this accessory is to track objects, not people.

In this case it would be better to use an apple watch with family setup. This answer means that the detection through the crowdsourcing network takes place in case of static position of an object.