Airtags and new iphones 12 purple are the first products that will come to the market. The preorders in fact will leave tomorrow and the devices will be delivered on 30 April. Of course, the press had priority access and so are already online the first reviews from overseas.

Among all trackers available on the market, the AirTag is the one that gets the most positive reviews. The first impressions are excellent, all praise the device that is considered better than the competitors. The AirTag, among other things, is certified ip67 so it resists water and dust for diving up to 30 minutes to 1 meter deep.

It is a trivial watch stack easily available and at low cost. The biggest advantage of AirTag compared to competition is that it will be able to use a network made of billions of Apple devices to be found. AirTag will cost €35 in Italy or € 119 in a 4 package.

Pre-orders from tomorrow, 23 April at 14:00 and will be delivered on 30 April.