Different the speech instead for magic trackpad and magic mooe: these will soon be available in seven different colors , the same of the new imac (green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, silver), but apart from this the changes seem null. To accompany them there is also a new magic keyboard, with coordinated colors and a retouched aesthetic. That aesthetics remained unchanged, therefore, is a relative problem: with new colors then the mooe is even more beautiful.

But it seems that apple has lost a good opportunity to intervene on the front of the functionality . And according to what confirmed by apple itself to the verge, the new and colorful magic mooe will suffer from the same defect. Considering the air of revolution that we breathe in cupertino lately, between processors m1 and new imacs of mint, it is rather disappointing to think that magic mooe has been revisited for the occasion, yes, but without serious intervention on its criticalities, and simply passing on a hand of paint, however appealing.

From apple maybe we would not have expected the most discounted solution, i.e. The integration of a wireless charging system, with a lot of kit mat. And instead not: and who knows how long it will pass, now, before apple comes back to take care of the magic mooe.