We talk about msi and immediately we come up with notebooks, peripherals and gaming hardware. Example flashing of this new trend is the great prestige 14 evo that I have been using for a few days. A lightweight, thin, ergonomic notebook, which does not give up a “race” setup and a look definitely more sober than most of the solutions for video players.

So much computing power, good thermal efficiency and level connectivity are some of the characteristics common to the two targets and, at the same time, aspects on which msi already has a very great experience. How will these days go in the company of the prestige 14 evo? Under the shell of this prestige 14 evo we find an intel core chipset i7 1185g7 accompanied by integrated graphics card iris kse graphics, 16 gb of ram lpdr4x and a ssd nvme pcie 4.0 from 512 gb.

The latter is the only up-to-date element, produced by phison and able to reach reading and writing speeds of 5000 MB/s and 2500 MB/s. Read so does not seem who knows which specification and actually on the card is not. The difference in this case is given by the tuning studied by msi.

Relying on two generous heatpipe and an interesting fan (all considering the overall measurements of the notebook,) Taiwanese technicians managed to squeeze this tiger lake as I had seen before. The configurable tdp of these cpus is really a manna from the sky and msi exploited it to the best to get the most out of this notebook. The high performance profile carries the values of pl1 and pl2 to 41 and 64 watts respectively.

You just think that the maximum recommended value by intel for the base tdb (pl1) is 28w, 13w less than that set by msi. Of course the other profiles are definitely less pushed, otherwise the autonomy would always be inconsistent. All right, we have seen how msi decided to give this soc all the power necessary to express itself at best but we know well that without proper cooling all this would be useless.

The stress test that involves the only cpu shows an interesting trend. The fan makes itself felt enough, especially when we activate the cooler boost, but I heard products even louder. Adding the gpu the frequencies on the cores lower by about 1 ghz, while the temperatures remain virtually unchanged.

The impact of gpu on consumption and performance is therefore felt but, not being a questionable solution, it is certainly not exaggerated. What I have in my hands is therefore a great notebook for every type of productivity. I’m talking about the fact that both the display panel and the keyboard plane flench when we apply a certain amount of force on them.

Not alarmed, prestige 14 evo has been tested properly and obtained the MIL-STD 810g certification, but certainly the feeling of robustness is not maximum when we face these small defects. Defects resulting from the fact that msi, in order to maximise the weight of the product, used very thin aluminum alloy panels. The scale stops in fact to 1,29 kg, which are few if we think we are in front of a notebook with 14 inch diagonal display.

The thickness is also contained, we are 1.6 cm, however enough to accommodate a set of sufficient expansion doors along the sides. There is also a micro sd reader which is often rare even in higher-sized solutions. This is the design of this prestige 14 evo is absolutely sober.

I then spend two words on the keyboard that in general offers good feedback but that sins if we look at the layout. Even the ride is more than enough but I would certainly prefer a click a little more net. The touchpad has a very lengthened form factor and integrates the reader for the recognition of fingerprints.

Good instead the click, especially if you like the buttons that sink very much. The screen of this prestige 14 evo measures 14 inches diagonal and offers a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. As always I have appreciated so much the matt finish that allows to minimize the reflections and thus gain visibility in complex situations.

The contrast ratio touches a value of 1700:1 and we have a balance of discreet white. In general we have deltas and enough content, on average less than 3 and with single values never too much beyond this threshold. Remaining in the multimedia field but talking about audio; the two 2w speakers placed under the shell are not exactly the top.

The volume is quite reduced and especially the low shades are lost already to the higher values of the frequency. Within this prestige 14 evo we find a 52 wh module that is loaded through the 65w magazine in pack with Type-C connector. For a full charge with the stand-by notebook it takes just over an hour.

To analyze the behavior of the battery we must as always distinguish the scenarios of oo. To further confirmation of how much the development of this prestige is pushed, instead, full load hardly will take you beyond the hour of use. Final considerationswe are at the final considerations and as always we start from the price.

With these 200 euros less than the price list I feel to consider the price suitable to the type of solution and the performance it offers. And againstcompact and lightweight compact and lightweight tuning top-up memory very fast memory very fast double thunderbolt 4 double thunderbolt 4 keyboard layout sacrificed keyboard layout sacrificed the shell stings a bit ‘the shell flette a little volume of low speaker volume bassvideo video video