Said this, in the past weeks nvidia geforce rtx 3050 and 3050 you mobile have been object of different indiscretions, as well as the desktop variant, several times appeared on the network but substantially never announced by the Californian company. Notebook versions, recently spotted in the first benchmarks, should however be the first to arrive on the market, representing the entry-level option for gpus that support the ray-tracing of nvidia. The gpu nvidia geforce rtx 30 mobile family announced in January could soon enrich two new more economical models; I would like to thank the rapporteur for his excellent report.

The details provided by lenovo are not complete and add to the information we have recently emerged, in particular regarding consumption and operating frequencies. Geforce rtx 3050 and geforce rtx 3050 will then use 4gb memory gddr6 on 128-bit bus; the substantial difference between the two models lies in the number of core cubes and the maximum clock frequency: geforce rtx 3050 ti laptop should have a boost of 1.695 mhz, the smooth version will touch the 1.740 mhz, offering as said less processing unit.