Was on November 11, 2020, not even 6 months ago, when apple literally revolutionized the computer industry with the introduction of the m1 processor. Yesterday, surprisingly, m1 arrived on the new ipad pro that now offer exactly the same performance as a macbook, macmini, imac. But does this processor really make sense on an ipad and really brings added value?

Revolution (vol. 2)inserting a desktop-class processor on a tablet is definitely a move that in few would expect, at least not at 5 months distance from the launch of m1 and the complete change of mac architecture. A revolution – part 2 – that definitely hit positively and that will allow apples to control every aspect of their products at the level of construction, hardware architecture, performance, power and obviously software development and ecosystem.

A m1 that, as said, is not castrated but on ipad offers the same options as the macbook pro: cpu 8 cores, gpu 8 cores and up to 16gb of ram. A proof of crazy force that, for the second time in a few months, revolutionizes the market. Unificationa single processor for tamarli all and a link of conjunction that allows apple to do what microsoft in 15 years – and other companies on multiple occasions – have never been able to do: hardware and software unification.

Have only one processor in all its range of products (it is not yet so today but you want to believe that in a couple of years also on iphone can get a simil m1)? Apple does not have this in mind, at least for the next few years, and the two software environments will still be distinguished. This apple knows it, so don’t think that ios and macos can become one thing now and probably in the next 10 years.

Marketing (my ipad air 2 is fine)apple is not only revolution and unification but it is also a company that at the marketing level has no rivals, at least in the technological field. Bringing m1 on ipad not only blows up the network and amplifies the noise that is already so much for every Apple event, but allows everyone to talk about the new ipad pro that will be, for the umpteenth time, the tablet solution par excellence. Of course a quicker thousandth ipad pro m1 will be compared to the last ipad air with a14, but it is clear that we talk about performance as well that they will not really feel in everyday use.

Of course pros have high costs, pro 12,9″ has an exceptional screen but it is clear that m1 on ipad is today more a force test, a clever marketing move and a vision to the future of the company and ecosystem more than an added value for “common mortals. ” Apple has succeeded us with m1 and the unification of the hardware game with the ipad pro is only a dowel of this evolutionary change. Complete control of hardware, design and engineering of chipsets, total control of software, complete control of production and still huge margins are the foundations on which the economic success of apple is based.

Update that now, with m1 and this evolution, can be managed even better and with an even more optimized cost for apple itself. And if ipad pro with m1 is definitely not the right product to scale sales, the new imacs are exactly the commercial photocopy, ideology and positioning that had the transparent colored imac g3s at their time in the years 1998-2003. imac g3 that raised apples from an uneasy period.