The new imac m1 arrived and few people will be happier than me in announcing this news because I really need to update my imac, which I postponed year after year waiting for a new design. Let’s go together: the new imacs are available only with a 24′′′′ screen so who like me was accustomed to a 27′′ will literally “a ball back”. Between a variety of 7 colours, some of which are rather “strong” or improbable as red, orange and yellow, is missing black or however sidereal grey.

All 7 imacs no longer show the apple logo in the front but have a pretty evident white frame. Apple has removed imac pro from the catalog and therefore “the most powerful all-in-one computers ever” are no longer available to purchase. Do you really think that the new imac m1 can be compared to them?

The idea that I did is that these new imacs will only replace the previous 24′′′′ imacs that have always represented the entry-level models for this kind of product. I’m sure that later, in 2021, new imacs from 27 or even 32 inches will come, as some noises suggested. In fact, these are the imacs I expected with anxiety but unfortunately, for the moment, they are still not available.

Will come later a model able to merge and replace the current imacs from 27′′′′ and imac pro? Will you acquire this “entry-level” model or will you wait for the top of the range?