Why go to examine ancient photos only because not in black and white? The aim of the researchers was first to make a leap back in time, analyzing the perception that was then the colors that colored the world. And then, even more, we wanted to find out what was the revolutionary technique applied by lippmann on his slabs.

The scientist and inventor gabriel lippmann was nobel award for physics in 1908 precisely for his method of color reproduction in photography. What does gravitational waves have to do with photography? And think that precisely to this technique the scientists kip thorne, rainer weiss and barry barish have relied on to detect gravitational waves.

Not only: at lippmann the foundations of the holography are also necessary, so that a type of hologram made by dnp bears its name. The images on the slabs show clearly defined colors to the human eye, but that the instrumentation instead detects containing extremely difficult distortions to reproduce. “the way the photographs were made was very particular, so we were also very interested in creating digital copies and understanding how the technique worked.”