A few days ago we talked about Ming-Chi kuo’s predictions about the iphone camera 2022, iphone 14 pro. According to the analyst, there will be an epochal breakthrough, passing from 12mp to 48mp but what does all this mean? Apple would use an intelligent resize algorithm that would analyze the data from the image taken at 48mp and then generate an output (reduced of 4 times) at 12mp.

All this already exists and is called “output with four-cell fusion mode”, already in oo on some high-end android smartphone models. Substantially for every 4 pixels of original image, you get the melt in 1 pixels only. Look at this photo:the first image was taken with a 12mp camera and the second with a 48mp camera but with output reduced to 12mp.

The definition of the princess writing is considerably better in the second case and no noise has increased. Then, in conclusion: even with a 48mp sensor iphone photos would stay at 12mp with all the advantages of the case.