amazon is engaged on several fronts to strengthen its position on the market. But there is an aspect of the online sale that turns out to be incomplete, and that apparently amazon intends to include within its service: assembly of large products, such as washing machines, beds or any object for the house. You should start from virginia and another couple of states, just to test its operation in view of an eventual expansion.

In other words, the task of the courier would no longer stop at delivery, but would also continue inside the house with the spacing of the product and its assembly. To date, at least in the United States, amazon offers the delivery service inside the house to bring a bulky and heavy product (a sofa, a bed) into a specific room. And there is also the possibility (in a few cities) to book a third installer directly during the purchase on the platform.

The doubts (of the couriers)the extra activity should limit itself however to objects of easy installation. However, this would not seem to appease the inconvenience of the couriers, concerned that they do not have sufficient preparation for this type of job. With the risk then that you lose time when the house in which you have to make delivery and assembly has cramped spaces and, perhaps, stairs so narrow that you make impossible transport.

With which mode, then, will be all to see.