In today’s day google dedicated doodle on its homepage to the memory of an Italian: laura maria caterina basse veratti, known as “Laura Bassi“, known for being the first woman to obtain a doctorate in scientific subjects. It is worth noting about the story, since it is the same google to refer to the related searches (and to the wikipedia page) that illustrate the life and the qualities of low laura. It is worth remembering also how his history is the daughter of a flourishing context, in that bologna called “the Dotta” that on the universities had built its cultural ferment and its international prestige.

A doodle for women in the world coatwhat is symbolic in this google choice is the fact that doodle goes to celebrate the life of a woman who opened the way to genuine sex in scientific subjects. To this are added other factors, such as compliance with social expectations, gender stereotypes, gender roles and the lack of reference models that guide girls’ professional choices far from the arms. A particularly significant google doodle, in short, which is worth a click.